Types Of Fences

Types of fences –  traditional, classic and beautiful – Wood Fencing is the oldest and most time-honored style of fence product in existence. First time home buyers dream of a place of their own, surrounded by wooden white picket fencing.

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First Garage Door and Gates helps to transform those dreams into reality via their services such as replace driveway fence Orange County and repair driveway Fence Orange County and Los Angeles County. Our extensive line of wood fence styles and designs, combined with convenient installation, offers homeowners the natural beauty from using wood along with added privacy they have always wanted at an affordable price. Wooden fences are also appealing for landscaping plans for residential communities. They are designed for privacy as well as security, usually 6′ high, and made of a treated pine framework with cedar, or treated pine pickets.


  • Pressure treated pine rails
  • Ground contact treated pine posts and base boards
  • Galvanized ring or screw shank nails, which will not rust, or cause streaking
  • Cedar, or treated Pine pickets
  • All wood gates have galvanized steel frame and cedar posts to minimize alignment and adjustment issues
  • Staining available

We offer reasonable prices when it comes to professional services like replace driveway fence Orange County, repair driveway fence Orange County & Los Angeles County.

Type Of Fences - Info:

There are many different varieties to consider when choosing your next fence. Here we’ll go over the 8 main types of fences, as well as the time-honored, reasonably priced wood style offered by First Garage Door and Gates to residents of Orange County.

Types of Fences:

#1 Wood

Style. Privacy. Affordability. It’s no wonder wood fences are the most popular type in the United States. They can span styles from classic to modern, and are most commonly made from cedar, pine, oak, cypress and redwood.

#2 Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences are great for home-owners who want an elegant, traditional look. They are made of thin long black stakes with interestingly designed pieces at the top. Wrought iron fences are strong and attractive, however they are expensive and require a thorough sanding and new coat of paint every 2 years or so to prevent rust.

#3 PVC white-picket

PVC is a super affordable fencing option. It gives you the classic white-picket style with easy installation and low maintenance. PVC fences are not nearly as sturdy as the classic wood fences they mimic, but they are great for home privacy.

#4 Vinyl white-picket

This is another awesome option for the clean white picket-fence look. It’s more expensive than PVC but longer-lasting, and has very low maintenance requirements. These fences copy the look of wood pickets and posts and can be manufactured in a variety of styles.

#5 Chain link

Chain link fences are cheap, durable, and require very little maintenance. They are useful if you want to give your yard a bit of structure, or keep a dog in. While they are one of the more affordable fencing options, they do not offer much curb appeal, privacy or security.

#6 Aluminum

Aluminum fences are basic and attractive. Like wrought iron, they are made up of long thin stakes that can be painted to the customer’s taste. Unlike wrought-iron, aluminum does not rust and requires little to no maintenance. Aluminum fencing is a great option for the front yard, but offers very little privacy.

#7 Bamboo

Bamboo fencing is the most eco-friendly option on the market. It can be grown sustainably and comes in many different varieties from flexible to sturdy. Bamboo fences add style and privacy to your home, but limited security.

#8 Farm

Farm fences are useful for those who own horses, or for those who want to add a fresh design and outline to their yard. They can be made from wood, barbed wire, or electrified wire. They are indispensable for farms and can be a great decorative touch around a large residential lawn, but these fences offer very little privacy or security.

So Many Types of Fences to Choose From

It’s fantastic to have so many options in material and style when it comes to your new fence. Here at First Garage Door and Gates we make the choice easier by offering one of a kind quality wood fences in a variety of styles. Our fences and gates offer privacy, security, and a clean elegant style for your home. Choose from an extensive line of styles and designs made from treated pine and cedar, the two most affordable, attractive, and long-lasting woods on the market. 


All of our fence types include: a pressure-treated pine rail framework, choice of pressure treated pine or all-natural cedar pickets, and ground treated pine posts and baseboards. We use rust-proof galvanized nails and offer a staining service as well. Feel free to contact us for estimates and more information.


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