Garage Door Safety Tips: 8 Things You Need to Know

Garage Door Safety Tips: 8 Things You Need to Know

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Garage doors are that essential part of your house which need regular care and maintenance for proper upkeep.

That said, repeated repairs and maintenance make them inoperable after some time.

Ever since their introduction to American houses, garage doors have been an important feature for homeowners. And with the introduction of automated garage doors and installation of automatic reverse functions as per the guidelines of the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the number of injuries that happened on the operational front has significantly reduced.

However, even with the advanced and automated technology available and the plethora of safety features that come with garage doors, you still need to periodically check and maintain them for optimal functionality.

The article walks you through some of the essential garage doors safety procedures that you need to keep a check on.

10 essential safety t

ips for garage doors

Following are some components of a garage door that need a regular check when it comes to safety:

1. Sensors

Sensors are a very important part of automated garage doors. Sensors are placed in small boxes at the bottom and have a blinking red light on them. If you see the light is off or the sensors not working for some reason, this usually means that your sensors are not properly aligned.

It is advisable to get them checked by a reliable service provider for garage door repairs.

2. Visual inspection

Give a good look at all the working parts of the garage door every now and then. And you need not be a professional installer or maintenance guy to do that.

Familiarize yourself with features like springs, pulleys, rollers, bolts, etc. Conduct a weekly or monthly inspection to see if they are working smoothly.
Sufficient information is also available in brand manuals that are provided to you at the time of installation.

Check out for any signs of wear and tear and get them addressed by a reputed service provider in your area. It is not advisable to attempt working on these parts yourself as they need specific skills and expertise for handling. Additionally, cables and tension springs can cause serious injuries and accidents.

3. Reverse function

Most leading manufacturers install reverse function in the garage doors for safety purposes like prevention of accidents. That said, accidents do happen even with the doors that have this functionality.

This often happens due to some malfunctioning features in the reverse function aspect.

You need to operate this function periodically and inspect it for its smoothness.

Try to keep a small obstruction in the path of the door and observe if the door recognizes it. If not, you should immediately get your reverse function checked and repaired.

4. Check the openers

Often, house owners forget that keeping their garage door openers hidden is an important safety aspect. Almost as important as keeping your code secret.

These days, most manufacturers provide smaller sized door openers and door apps that are automated to let you know whether you’ve left the door open accidentally.

Take some extra care to keep the door openers in a safe place where they are well hidden from easy view. Additionally, keep them out of reach of children.

5. Check for manual operation

There will frequently be circumstances when your automated garage door mechanism will fail to work.

Situations like power outages, malfunctions, etc may dismantle the automatic functioning of the door. Take out the time to learn how to manually operate it without power to ensure that your home is secure if such a situation happens.

As mentioned earlier, take out time to read the manufacturer’s manual.

6. Garage Door code

Needless to mention, keep your door code secure in order to maintain the safety of your house.

7. Force testing

This is another important check that needs to be a part of your routine inspection for garage doors.

See how the door responds when you manually push it down while it is rising or push it up while it is coming down.

When you do this, the door should automatically stop. If it does not, you need to call your service provider for adjusting the force settings.

8. Hire a reputed service provider

It is important to realise that installing and repairing a garage door is not a project that you can take up on your own. One small mistake could cause a serious accident, injury, or hefty damage to the door.

Reach out to a reputed garage door manufacturer, installer and repair company in Orange County to get the needful done.
Final words
Frequent checking on the aforementioned points will ensure that your garage door keeps doing what it is meant for.

Read up on the garage door safety tips mentioned in the article or tie-up with a good service provider to check it up for you on a monthly basis. If your garage door has undergone repeated repairs and maintenance, a replacement or getting a new one installed would be a smart long term investment.

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