How Much Will A Garage Door Repair Cost You In 2020?

How Much Will A Garage Door Repair Cost You In 2020?

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A garage door is perhaps the most used part of your house and therefore the defects and damages that happen every now and then are no surprise. 

The malfunction and damages that happen as a result of the doors being rolled up and down multiple times a day is natural and there’s no way you can escape it. And that is true even when you’ve taken care to maintain it regularly. 

However, garage door wear and tear needs vigilance so that actions can be taken before the problems blow up. And that’s not the only risk which comes with a defective garage door. A malfunctioning garage door system will make your property vulnerable to thieves and intruders. 

The last thing we want is a risk to the safety of our residential or commercial properties. Therefore, it is advisable to get your garage doors repaired as soon as you spot a defect. 

That said, most house owners feel overwhelmed considering the cost that they would have to incur to get their garage door repaired. 

The article walks you through various other aspects like factors to consider for garage door repair, the common defects that you’ll encounter, and the approximate costs associated with each. 

Factors to consider for garage door repair

A garage door has various essential parts like the springs, openers, door cables, safety sensors, etc. 

The average cost of garage door repair depends on the affected parts and the extent of the damage. The repairs could be anything from a minor misalignment to a major breakdown. 

Additionally, the cost is also dependent on the size of your garage door, its type (automated, manual, sliding, etc) and the material of which it is made. 

While repairing a regular single roll up door made of wood would be cheaper, it could be more expensive to repair an automated double door one made of metal, or even  a customized one. 

Most common garage door repair works

Following are some of the common garage door repair issues which call for a professional assistance:

Garage door spring or cable repair

Broken door springs are the most common problems encountered in garage doors. With multiple up and down movements through the day, it is definitely understandable. The springs or cables are made out of metals and can snap as a result of metal fatigue. 

Similarly, a broken cable may end up with the garage door slamming on your car while entering. 

It is recommended that you connect with a professional garage door repair company and ask them to disconnect your door springs once a year to manually check its balance. Make sure you do not hear metal screeching sounds when you roll up or roll down the door. 

Garage door spring replacement

In scenarios of complete breakage, springs can not be repaired. In such cases, a complete replacement of garage door extension or torsion springs is required. Your service provider will check the make and model and bring in a replacement based on that. 

They will also check for the functioning of the new springs to ensure that wear and tear for your lifting mechanism is reduced in future. 

Bent garage door track

Your vehicle, while entering the garage can accidentally knock out the track and push it out of shape. This is a small issue and can be easily fixed if you have handled it before or you could call up a service provider in Orange County to do that. 

Safety sensor alignment

In automated garage doors, you would often encounter a problem where the system won’t operate. While most people relate it to weak batteries in the opener, sometimes the problems are with the sensors. 

These are located in a small box located at the bottom of the door with blinking lights. 

A misaligned sensor can cause the door to be non-functional. This could happen due to factors like obstructions blocking the sensor beam which you can check yourself. It could also be due to other factors which your service provider can help you with. 

There can also be other minor issues like:

    • Noisy doors
    • Broken glass
    • Bad circuit boards
    • Problems in rollers and hinges

So what does garage door repair cost?*

Garage door repair costs can range anywhere between $100 to $500+ depending on the issue that you are facing. 

Following are estimated prices of garage door repairs for the year 2020:

1. Garage door spring repair/replacement: garage door springs in the market cost about $50-$100/ea. The cost depends on the number of springs that need to be replaced. Adding the professional service cost, it can come up to about $150-300+ for repair (for basic doors).

2. Broken cables may cost anywhere between $100-250 for repair/replacement. 

3. Sensor alignment may usually cost you under $75

4. Tracking problems can cost somewhere between $100-200

5. Noisy doors: can be handled as DIY by lubricating the hinges

6. Faulty circuit boards: circuit board replacement and reprogramming may cost anywhere from $150-$350

7. Rollers and hinges replacement: this depends on the number of pieces that need to be replaced. You can expect to pay anywhere between $10 to 25$ per piece. 

*NOTE: All prices are based on APPROXIMATE costs. Part costs and labor vary between garage manufacturers. We must come to inspect your garage before agreeing to any prices.


Final words

Fixing a garage door problem is essential for the safety and security of your house and also to avoid risks from accidents. While some minor repairs can be taken up as a DIY project to save on costs, major damages need to be addressed by experts who are aware of handling the parts. 

Issues like garage door safety reversal feature failures, snapped springs, frayed door cables, tracking problems, sensor issues are best handled by expert technicians. 

Considering these, hiring a reputed garage door repair company in Orange county will definitely be a worthwhile investment. 

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