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Whether you have a big budget and love to use new technology, or you could not care less and rather keep a tight budget, garage door openers are by all means a necessity to anyone who wants to keep his car valuable possessions safe.

The following guide will help you choose a garage door opener and tell you all there is to know and consider when buying installing and repairing garage door openers.


The Right Garage Door Opener

When choosing a garage door opener there are five main points it is important to take into account and consider:


Some types of openers can be extremely noisy. If your garage door is located under a bedroom, you have many drivers in your household who come and go at all times of the day or if you are simply irritated easily by the noise it is important to choose a model that will not cause any disturbance and will run quietly.


When it comes to openers, there are many additional features, types, and technology. This wide array of options also manifests itself in the price and garage door openers can be found in different price types that will fit any budget.

Weight Of Door

Some garage door openers are stronger and more powerful than others and therefore can pull heavier garage doors. It is important to measure or check the exact weight and dimensions of your garage door to choose an appropriate model that will be able to function properly.


Some types of garage door openers are extremely reliable and can function properly for years without having to go under any repair or having to be maintained regularly. Other types of garage doors will require some work every once in a while and might even need spare parts to replace worn-out components of the opener.

People who prefer to avoid the different repair and maintenance tasks should probably choose a model that is considered to be durable and dependable.


If you consider yourself to be an impatient person, or you are an especially busy person who has no moment to spare waiting for garage doors to open or close, you should know that some models and types of garage doors open and close at a faster pace than others.


Openers types

The different types of openers can be classified into four main categories:


Chain drive garage door openers

this is one of the most popular types of openers. The chain used in these types of systems looks quite similar to bicycle chains. The chain is connected to a trolley and either pules it to open the garage door up or pulls it to open it down, depending on the model and installation.


This Technology

Though this technology has been around for many years it is not regarded as obsolete just yet. The main advantage of this type of garage opener is that it is extremely durable so once you install a chain drive garage door, do not expect to b repair it or replace it any time soon. Chain drive door openers are also capable of opening very heavy garage doors. However, the main downside of this technology is that it can be quite noisy.


Belt drive garage door openers

The mechanism of the belt drive garage door opener works similarly to the chain drive garage door, the difference is that instead of the chain that is used in the chain drive door, a rubber reinforced belt is used.

These systems are slightly more expensive than the traditional chain drive systems but come with a significant upside, they are extremely quiet. As for durability, belt drive openers are considered reliable systems that do not tend to break or require special maintenance.


Screw drive garage door openers

Screw drive garage door openers use a threaded rod and gears to open and close the garage door.
This type of garage door opener is rather powerful and therefore is an especially good fit for heavy or large garage doors. Another advantage of these types of systems is that they are extremely fast and will reduce the time you will have to wait until the garage door is open.

In addition, screw drive garage doors are quite quiet and do not need a lot of maintenance. The main disadvantage of such garage door opening systems is the fact they are sensitive to changing temperatures and such rapid fluctuations might cause problems in their function. Lastly, many of those systems can be quite pricey.


Jackshaft Garage Door Openers

Also referred to as direct-drive openers, jackshaft door openers are an affordable and quiet option that will suit people who are limited in space or want to keep the extra room in their garage for storage. In these systems, the motor is attached to the garage door directly and is attached to the wall beside the garage door.

The importance of proper installation, repairing, and maintenance.

Though some types of garage door opening systems are considered to be especially reliable and low maintenance, sometimes some additional care is needed. However, in many cases, proper installation can prevent many potential problems and is crucial for the safety of you and your family.

Companies such as First

Garage Door and Gates employ experienced staff to make sure the installation is done properly and know how to repair any problem that might occur.



The right garage door opener is the one that suits your household’s needs, budget-wise, space-wise, noise-wise, speed-wise, and function-wise. If you live in the area of Orange County or the area of Los Angeles County and you are looking for a new garage door and are not sure what is the best type for you, or your garage door is not functioning properly and might need to be replaced or repaired, First Garage Door and Gates offers excellent speedy service and will be happy to assist you.


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