Driveway Gates

The security driveway gates of your home or commercial property must always be in the perfect condition to avoid any security issues.

This would require regular repairs and maintenance of the driveway gates Orange County via a reputable driveway gate installer Orange County & Los Angeles County.

You must rely on professionals for residential and commercial gate repair.

Repair Gate & Hardware

Residents & Commercial

Residential and Commercial Gate Repair and Installation

We at First Garage Doors and Gates offer high quality commercial gate repair services for Orange County, CA residents. As an experienced gate repair company, we ensure that after our residential and commercial gate repair services, the security gates of your premises:

  • Will work smoothly
  • Not develop any snags too soon
  • Protect your assets

Our skilled and trained technicians are well versed with all types of gates and therefore can provide residential and commercial gate repair for iron gates, wood gates, motorized gate, and all electric gates. You simply need to call us for inspection and our technicians will diagnose the problem and do whatever is needed to ensure the gates are working smoothly.

Ideal for the driveways

Heavy metal gates like iron gates are ideal for the driveways. You must call in the experts for driveway gate installation. As they are well equipped and experienced they will choose the best design and material for the gates.

Metal Driveway Gate Installation

We have catered to the driveway gate installation requirements of Orange County & Los Angeles County residents. We inspect each and every part of the prior to and after the driveway gate installation to ensure their smooth working. The parts that we pay special attention to while driveway gate installation include:

  • Chains
  • Hinges
  • Tracks and arms
  • Electric parts
  • Battery

You can take our annual or regular maintenance package that ensures timely inspection and repairs of the security gates. This will prevent any big issues that require expensive repairs or replacement later.

New Automated Metal Security Gates Installation

Automated security gates are ideal for residential or commercial properties as they can be operated even from a distance. As a gate repair and installation company, we can be called for metal security gates installation and repair, 24 hours a day anywhere in Orange County.
We can help you choose the type of security gates suitable to your property and these may include:

  • Motorized gates
  • Electric gates
  • Automatic gates
  • Steel gate
  • Iron gates

With us as the company offering driveway gate installation of security gates in Orange County, you need not worry about anything. We will ensure that the installation is done efficiently and within the scheduled time.

If you are looking for the best driveway gate installer Orange County, you can surely count on us for best driveway gates Orange County.

You can give First Garage Doors and Gates a call at 1-855-52-FIRST for any services or inquiries related to residential, commercial, industrial, gate repair or new sales installation in the OC.

Driveway Gates - Info:

Driveway Gate As a Showcase

A driveway gate – the first thing your guests see when entering your property. This feature needs to be functional, strong, and attractive. But how to choose the perfect gate? There are several factors to consider, and here we’ll go over the 5 main things you need to think about when choosing your future driveway gate:

  • Gate Material
  • Sliding or Swinging
  • Gate Style
  • Opening Mechanism
  • Professional Consultation

5 things to think about when choosing your gate

#1 Gate material

Driveway gates are typically made from either wood or metal. Wooden gates offer a dignified rustic look and privacy. While not as durable as most metals, wooden gates can be treated against rot and with the right selection of timber can last 10-20 years. Some common types of wood used for gates are Redwood, Cedar, and pine.

Metal gates offer a modern, classic look and can last a lifetime. They are typically constructed from aluminum, steel, or wrought iron:

Aluminum gates are ideal for modern residential properties, and are cost effective and maintenance-free. 

Steel gates are long-lasting and attractive. They offer increased security over aluminum with their strength and durability. However, it is important to make sure your steel gate is treated against rust to avoid quick corrosion. 

Wrought iron gates are also extremely long-lasting if maintained. They are typically for those who desire a more traditional and ornate gate, and are not on the cheap side. They will require regular maintenance to prevent rust.

#2 Sliding or Swinging

Sliding gates are those that open and close horizontally. They are neat and economical and a great choice if you have an inclined driveway. They are easily installed and useful for properties that have a little less space in their driveway.

Swinging gates are the most popular in the market today. They swing out or in depending on the space and require a flat surface underneath. Swinging gates can be made with either two or one panels, and are more expensive than sliding gates due to a more complicated opening mechanism.

#3 Gate style

Your property needs a gate that blends into the overall aesthetic. This means an appropriate design and, if desired, choice of paint.

Do you want a gate that’s modern or traditional? Welcoming or deterring? Choose a design and style that fits your personal tastes as well as providing functionality and durability.

#4 Opening mechanism

Every driveway gate requires an opening mechanism to let guests and family in and out. Some options are:

  • Manual (by hand)
  • Remote controlled
  • Keypad entry
  • Intercom controlled
  • Sensor

#5 Professional Consultation

Whether it’s your first driveway gate purchase or one of many, there is a lot to think about before you decide. Here at First Garage Door and Gates we offer a wide variety of driveway gate installation and driveway gate repair services. Our skilled and trained gate technicians will ensure your gate is operating at its smoothest possible capacity. Our customer service representatives are available for consultation and to answer any and all questions – give us a call!

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