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Repair and Installation of garage doors, gates, and fences for homes and commercial Buildings.


First Garage Door and Gates is a leading garage door repair company in Orange County & Los Angeles County, CA. We also install brand new garage doors, repair broken springs, install garage door openers, program key-pads, maintain and service garage doors, and much more!

The Leading Garage Doors Repair and Installation Company in Orange County and Los Angeles County

We can install aluminum garage doors, garage doors made of wood, and also custom garage doors. We also offer commercial roll-up garage doors and commercial sectional garage doors.

Driveway Gate

In addition to garage doors, we are also a leading driveway gate installer in Orange County and Los Angeles County, and also install driveway fences and residential fences for homes.

Our company can supply you with new products and rest assured that everything we provide you with is the best found on the market. We are certified and licensed technicians and arrive at your home equipped to install a new overhead door, all kinds of driveway and walkway gates, fix the existing, adjust as needed, replace the opener and align the tracks.

You can rely on our quick response and outstanding work.

24 Hour Emergency Repair for Garage Doors and Driveway Gates

Our First Garage Doors and Gates team is certified, licensed, bonded and insured to offer full services whenever you need us.

From regular maintenance, emergency repairs, spring adjustment, opener installation, and doors and gates replacement, we are the company to .

Misaligned tracks won’t allow the overhead door to move right. Broken pulleys will cause the door to jam. Broken springs will keep the door closed.

When you need garage door repair, contact us. Our technicians fix the problem quickly and complete the service fast no matter what they have to do.

Equipped to make replacements, repairs and adjustments, our professionals troubleshoot, find the reasons for the problem, and take care of anything wrong with the system.

With fast garage door service, we take care of sudden issues and with maintenance, we prevent them.

Garage Doors

Choosing garage doors can feel like a task and a half. There is a lot to consider, and the pressure is high because garage doors are the face of your house.

They are highly visible, face the curb, and generally what people notice first when cruising by. 

It’s important to have a great door so you can love your house, and also increase ROI and help your home sell faster when the time comes.  

So how do you navigate factors like door material, color, style, and insulation? 

How do you decide on the right manufacturer when you are looking for, say, garage doors in Orange County?

Garage Doors 101

Garage doors are doors on garages that open either manually or by an electric motor. 

They are often large enough for a car to drive through, but can also be made from a smaller single panel.

Types Of Garage Doors

There are 5 main types of garage doors:


Made up of panel sections connected by hinges. Typically low-maintenance and easily customizable.


No-frills compact design more common in commercial areas, great for limited ceiling space and durability.


Similar to the sectional style, but these doors slide horizontally rather than vertically.

Side hinged

Swing open and closed from a hinged frame and resemble large barn doors. 

Tilt-up canopy

Made up of one solid piece and tilt up into the garage on a pivoting hinge mechanism.

Design Style

Garage door style is based largely on personal  preference and aesthetics. The 3 main styles are:

Carriage house

This charming and rustic style is perfect for Victorian architecture.


Great for modern architecture with full-view doors.


Cozy and classic, usually made from either steel or natural wood.

Building Material

The material of your future garage door is a very important factor. There are 4 main materials to choose from:

Natural wood

Very elegant, but slightly more care-intensive than the other options. There are many woods you can choose, from tropical Luan to Redwood. Make sure to choose a manufacturer that uses sustainably sourced wood.

Steel and composite

 These are thick, multi-layered doors that offer durability, dent-resistance, and energy efficiency.

Aluminum and glass

Sleek and contemporary, these doors provide plenty of natural light and can be clouded for privacy.

Faux wood

Where beauty meets durability. Faux wood is layered over steel or aluminum to provide a great-looking door that will last years.

First Garage Door and Gates

Confused about what company to turn to for garage door service,  installation or repair? 

First Garage Door and Gates has got ya covered. We’re the #1 rated garage door company in Orange County, and we’re all about…


We will give you a simple, competitive quote and leave out the stories and sales agents.


We won’t take on a project we are not 100% sure we can complete.

Customer service

We work to put our customers first and provide well-trained staff for all questions and services


We offer a wide range of services from installation to motor troubleshooting and spring repair. Everything we do is affordable, quick and reliable.

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One call to our First Garage Door and we can arrange an appointment for any service. Call us to give you a free quote for any of our services or an approximate cost for the replacement of the door, gate or fence.

First Garage Door and Gates is a leading garage door installer in Orange County & LA County CA. We are focused on providing our customers with the best service at affordable prices. Putting our customers first is a top priority and for this reason we have a great online reputation with many 5 star reviews on Google.
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